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Flight Instruction and Commercial Pilot Services

Paradigm Aviation offers best-in-class flight instruction and commercial pilot services throughout the United States and Europe.  Paradigm specializes in technically advanced aircraft.

Paradigm has a cadre of highly experienced, professional flight instructors, that have received factory training and certification. 

Our clients are discerning pilots and aircraft owners who want the very best.

Expert Flight Training

Receiving instruction from the best will guarantee you will learn the tools you need to become a successful pilot.

While most instructors average a few hundred hours of flight time, our well qualified professionals feature thousands of hours of experience in  military, private, and commercial aircraft.

Rely on a Paradigm-Aviation expert to guide you to becoming the best pilot you could imagine.

  • Transition Training

    If you’re changing to a “Technically Advanced” aircraft you probably need to consider taking a factory approved Transition Training Course.

  • Advanced Transition

    For an instrument rated pilot who is looking for a slightly more advanced course.

  • Private Pilot Certificate

    You want to become a pilot?   The first step is advanced Private Training.  We provide industry leading pilots to train you.

  • Commercial Pilot Certificate

    So flying as a private pilot has been great. Now that you have discovered the basics you want to make a career of it.

  • Instrument Rating

    If you are using an airplane for transportation you will want to get your instrument rating.

  • Flight Reviews

    Flight reviews are required for every pilot bi-annually.


Paradigm Aviation provides contracted commercial pilots for clients that desire commercial pilot services. All of our commercial pilots have received factory instruction in the aircraft they are qualified to fly.  We customize each commercial flight to meet the travel requirements for each of our clients.


Stan Szybillo is the President and owner of Paradigm Aviation, LLC. His FAA certifications include: ATP, Commercial, CFI, CFII, MEI, IGI, and FAA Safety Team Representative. He also hold the FAA Gold Seal Instructor accreditation.  He is a retired United States Air Force Lieutenant Colonel who flew F-111s as a flight instructor and pilot examiner. He is a airline transport pilot with over 8,000 hours of flight experience.

Stan was selected as a National Association of Flight Instructor “Master CFI” in 2007.  Stan is one of only 59 Florida aviation educators to earn this prestigious “Master” title.  Stan is also a Cirrus Aircraft designated “Platinum Flight Instructor.”

Stan is one of four flight instructors that developed the Columbia Advanced Aircraft Recurrent Training Program (CAART) along with former Club Columbia President, Chuck Yanke.   He is also the co-author of CAART’s Aeronautical Decision Making course.

Stan and his company, Paradigm Aviation specializes in providing flight instruction and commercial pilot service to owners of technically advanced general aviation aircraft. Paradigm Aviation’s client base includes owners of Cessna 300/350/400, Cirrus SR20/SR22/SR22TN/SR22T, and Diamond TwinStar DA42.

Planes We Train and Fly

All Paradigm-Aviation Pilots and Trainers are factory certified in the following aircraft

  • Cirrus SR20/SR22
  • Columbia/Cessna 350/400
  • Diamond TwinStar DA42