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Welcome To Paradigm Aviation


A new paradigm is a totally new way of doing things that has a huge effect on business. Paradigm Aviation draws its roots from the idea of a paradigm shift in science, in which technology or new findings completely change the way people think about or interact with something. In business the idea is the same; a whole new way of accomplishing things.

It’s all in the name…

Paradigm Aviation, LLC is legally organized as a Delaware Limited Liability Company based in Knoxville, TN.  One of our “Paradigms” is that we
operate out of the client’s location,  throughout the United States and parts of Europe.

Our competitive differences include 5 star level service provided by the most exceptional flight instructors and commercial pilots available. Paradigm Aviation offers flight instruction and commercial pilot services in State-of-the-Art technically advanced aircraft. Paradigm Aviation provides tailored flight instruction and commercial pilot services through the use of contracted flight instructors possessing corporate, military and/or airline backgrounds.

Experience the New General Aviation Paradigm

The introduction of new technically advanced aircraft has created an immense demand for a new paradigm for pilot training and commercial pilot services. Previous approaches to flight training and commercial pilot services are not meeting the needs of discerning clients.  There are numerous people flying at many locations that are unhappy with either the quality of their current instruction or the outdated aircraft they are renting. A flight with our instructors in a new technically advanced aircraft will confirm they’ve made the right choice in selecting Paradigm Aviation as there preferred provider of general aviation services.