Are there additional costs?

In some cases yes, there are additional costs, if an instructor or pilot must travel to your location and it is outside of their home airport, then additional costs must cover transportation, lodging and meals.   This will be billed to the client.

Are Aircraft Included in Pricing?

No, Paradigm Aviation does not provide any aircraft for flight instruction or commercial pilot services.  Typically our clients own their own technically advanced aircraft or lease one from a third party.

Who will be my trainer?

Your trainer will be a qualified factory trained instructor in the particular airplane you require training in.

How fast can I get a Private Pilots License?

That’s a good question, this depends mostly on you.  If you have the time available, an accelerated course can be completed in 10-15 days, more typically private pilot training takes an average of 3-5 months to complete.

Can I change my training or commercial pilot service request at any time?

Typically we have our clients book both instruction and or commercial pilot services in advance.  Due to the fact that in most cases our pilots travel to our clients, if a cancellation is necessary within 48 hours of either a flight training event or a commercial pilot service then a cancellation fee may be incurred.  Those fees are found on our flight training and commercial pilot sections of our website.

What types of planes can I train in?

The best plane to train in is preferably the plane you plan to fly.  If you do not own your own aircraft you will need to find a source that will provide you an aircraft that will allow a Paradigm Aviation instructor to provide your training or commercial pilot service.

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