For an instrument rated pilot who is looking for a slightly more advanced course, the Advanced Transition Training course is designed to take a proficient instrument rated pilot to the standards set forth by the FAA to receive an instrument proficiency check (IPC). Through the Advanced Transition Training course, you will:

  • Gain all skills included in the Transition Training course,
  • Train for full utilization of your instrument rating while developing proficiency in:
    • Precision and nonprecision approaches, • Missed approaches,
    • Holding patterns,
    • Departure procedures,
    • Arrival procedures.
  • Fly approaches proficiently with and without the autopilot,
  • Safely accommodate complex ATC instructions while operating under IFR,
  • Gain confident awareness regarding controlled flight into terrain,
  • Maximize the aircraft’s safe utility by developing a higher level of flight proficiency during initial training.Typical course duration is five days.